Born in Belgium in 1981, and now living in Brittany (France), i started to work as an illustrator around 10years ago. First for some RPGs, like Kuro and Qin, as a concept artist for a videogame company (10Tacle) in Belgium.
Now i work as freelance in many fields: cover art, comics, children's books, or boardgames.
I also have worked as art director at Libellud Digital, an indie game studio based in Poitiers (France), for two years, before going back to freelance now.
Tric Trac d'Or (illustrator 2015 and 2016), Graf Ludo (2015 for Abyss and 2016 for Mysterium), Grand prix des Z'illus (2015 for Abyss and 2016 for Mysterium), Board Games Geek Award (2015 for Abyss and 2016 for Mysterium), Vampires et Sorcières: best cover for "Les enchantements d'Ambremer", Dice Tower: best artworks for Abyss, Ludia Price (for Abyss)

Clients :
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