// Permission

Personnal use

Tattoos, Website or blog features

If you wanna use one of my artworks as a tattoo, you can. No need to ask me before doing it. Just consider I enjoy seeing them so do not hesitate to send or tag me the result on social medias.

You can use artworks from me as your profile picture or header. Just credit me clearly, with this mention “Art by Coliandre (or Xavier Collette) – www.xaviercollette.art”. It’s as simple as this.

Website or blog features

It will always be a pleasure to be featured on your website or your blog. There is no need to ask permission for. Just do not forget to post my images with an appropriate credit and a link back to www.xaviercollette.art

RPG Campaigns

You can use my artworks in your personal campaign. And personal means personal. Just a campaign between your friends and you. Nothing online, thanks. Nothing in a database or something like that.

Commercial Use

Licensing artworks

If you’re interested in licensing my artworks for a commercial use, feel free to contact me here, using the “business inquiry” category and explain in which way you wanna use my artworks and some details on the terms of the deal. Notice that I’m not interested in licensing artwork for any stock usage or databases, so if that’s what you want, that’s a no.

// Contacting me

Art related


I do not take personal commissions. My schedule is generally full of clients’ works and I spare the rest of time on personal project. Sorry.

Buying prints or merch

Prints are available on my InPrnt or Displate and goodies on Society6. Those are print-on-demand websites based in USA so beware of taxes if you’re living in Europe.


Occasionally, I like to make some fanarts, as the Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones illustrations you can see in my gallery. But they’re fanarts so no prints or goodies are available.



If you want to interview me about my work, just feel free to contact me so we can talk when it’s possible. Just one thing, never in a hurry, I’m quite busy so it’s better to have time.

Mentoring, lessons, reviews

I just don’t do that, sorry.


You can contact me if you want invite me to your convention. Understand that as I’m busy, I do not move very oftenly.


I don’t take interns, sorry.

// Shop

Do you have any Artbooks?

I got some, yes. Many are self-published books, as the Sketchbook vol.1 and 2, The Little Witches Exodus and of course, The Little Book about Dracofungology. The sketchbook vol.1 and The Little Book about Dracofungology are still in stock and be back in my shop one day. The best way to know when is to subscribe to my newsletter.

I’m a bookseller, can I order you something?

Of course, you can. Feel free to contact me so we can discuss about the terms.

When the Dracofungus will be back?

I do not know for now. They will be, for sure. Do not forget to subscribe to my newsletter to stay tuned about that (and many other things).

Do you sell originals?

As I mainly paint digitally, no, I don’t have originals to send. I got prints, as mentioned in this FAQ, so please, take a look at them.

// Others

Where to find me on internet

I guess on social medias, as everyone. I’m on many of them: Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr but mainly on Instagram. They’re all available on www.xaviercollette.art or just by taking a look on the menu of this website. I also got a Discord server. It’s a -too- quite place for now. Still thinking on how I could use it. Maybe later. You will see I’m also on Artstation and Cara if you just want to see portfolios.

And to be honest, social medias and their algorithms are a really awful thing these days and taking more time on my newsletter seems the best way to stay in touch with you. News directly in your mailbox, with all the news, illustrations, previews and projects (and maybe some codes or exclusive temporary prints…). So do not be shy, subscribe to the newsletter, the best way to stay tuned about my work!

Unanswered question

After reading this FAQ, if you still have questions about my work of a collaboration, feel free to ask me. You can do it through the contact form. That said, keep in mind I do not answer to a question which is already answered here. Thank you for reading this FAQ and see you soon!