Let me introduce you "Soufflevent", my second comics book.
The story is written by Andoryss, and is about the adventure of Coline, a young girl who's running out of her town, after her father's death. During this first chapter, she meets Sacha, pilot in the aeropostal. Why is she running away, what's the strange thing she's carrying on her, and why does she have a winged cat? 
The world of Soufflevent has many influences : steampunk, genetics, nature, wind... and, of course, little things from my masters, like Miyazaki (but i think it's easy to see). The story is in four chapters.
The comics is edited by Delcourt, and is in french. I don't know if other languages are going to be released... i hope so :).

Little previews of pages (from all the volumes)
And some illustrations of the main characters.
All works on this page are ©Xavier Collette - Andoryss - Delcourt editions.
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