English visitors

Hi folks,

As you must have seen, this new website is in french. It’s a hard decision to take, when you’re making a new version of something like this website.
On a side, I know my audience is french AND english speaking, most of time. So, logically, the « right » decision would have been to do all the place in both languages.

But it’s quite difficult to make a big thing like that in two version. And to be fair, I want this new website to be a place where i speak a little more, with some thoughts, and so on. And, maybe you have noticed, but if I can speak english, that’s not my mother language, and…. well, i’m not really « cool & relax » when I have to make longer text. Like this one, in fact ;).

So, I hope you will not be too disappointed… the blog will be in french. When there will be big announces, news, like a boardgames is out, or a book (in english) is coming, I will do the blog news in both languages, so you will be able to read it !

About the shop, I hope that it will not be too hard for you to go through and place an order. If you have question, doubt on something, do not hesitate a second, and contact me on this page.

Well, I hope you will enjoy the tour as well, because… to be honest.. images do not need words to speak ;).

Enjoy your visit, and take care !


Xavier, aka Coliandre