English visitors

Hi folks,

As you must have seen, this new website is in french. It’s a hard decision to take, when you’re making a new version of something like this website.
On a side, I know my audience is french AND english speaking, most of time. So, logically, the “right” decision would have been to do all the place in both languages.

But it’s quite difficult to make a big thing like that in two versions. And to be fair, I want this new website to be a place where i speak a little more, with some thoughts, and so on. And, maybe you have noticed, but if I can speak english, that’s not my mother language, and…. well, i’m not really “cool & relax” when I have to make longer text. Like this one, in fact ;).

So, I hope you will not be too disappointed… the blog will be in french. When there will be big announces, news, like a boardgames is out, or a book (in english) is coming, I will do the blog news in both languages, so you will be able to read it !

About the shop, I hope that it will not be too hard for you to go through and place an order. If you have question, doubt on something, do not hesitate a second, and contact me on this page.

Well, I hope you will enjoy the tour as well, because… to be honest.. images do not need words to speak ;).

Enjoy your visit, and take care !


Xavier, aka Coliandre